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This site is dedicated, primarily, to the struggles of all Non-Custodial Parents in West Virginia to achieve Fairness and Equity in the administration of Custody, Child Support and Visitation of minor children in divorce action. While we understand that no two situations are exactly alike, we believe the system currently in place in West Virginia, and throughout the nation, is predominately biased toward the Mother with regards to Custody/Support. We feel, too, that while the Mothers make excellent Custodial Parents in the majority of cases, Fathers also have the same capabilities and we do not believe custody should be assigned based on gender.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for not updating this site in recent months. Many things have been happening throughout the state and in my private life that have taken up much of my time.

As most of you may have heard already, SB 2003 was signed into law by Governor Underwood in May. This occured after he vetoed the original Domestic Law Bill passed by both the House and Senate. The final version of the bill makes changes in the existing formula used to make CS calculations by lowering the payments based on the average income here in West Virginia as opposed to the nationwide average and by eliminating a portion of overtime pay from the calculation. This portion of the bill is to take effect on October 1, 1999. There also were changes made in the current Family Law Master/Child Custody provisions. The FLM will, eventually, be replaced by Law Judges that are initially appointed by the Circuit Court Judges, then held accountable by the public in the General Elections. Although this change does not occur immediately, as far as elections are concerned, it is a vast improvement over the current system. We are also moving toward a shared-parenting system as opposed to a primary custodial parent based on the amount of time one parent spent with the child prior to separation. Many factors are used in making this calculation but the minimum time spent with your children is 127 days per year w/support adjusted to reflect this. This portion of the bill does not take affect till January 1, 2000. Anyone who has had any action taken on their particular case in the previous 5 years will have 1 calendar year (until January 1, 2001) to file for modification under this new bill.

The bill, in its entirety, may be viewed by following the final link at right.

While this bill does not make the system perfect by any means, it is a step in the right direction. There will be more issues to address in the 2000 session of the Legislature. Now that our feet are in the door will, hopefully, make it a little easier to make changes in the future.

This page has been visited times by people concerned about the right of children to have TWO biological parents involved in their lives.
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